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When you're looking to get published, there are a few things to remember. First and foremost, don't submit your press release without reading up on the rules first. Second: make sure that your copy is both clear and concise; thirdly, don't forget crucial details like what time period you're targeting with your story (i.e., local news vs national or international). Finally—and this is key—don't be discouraged if your first submission doesn't turn into anything! The most important thing about submitting your work is following these steps closely so that it does land somewhere:

Visit newswires.

Newswires are a good place to start when looking for business press release. They're an excellent way to get your name out there, and they can be useful in getting feedback on your press release. If you're already an expert in the field, then these newswires will give you plenty of ideas for additional articles that have been published recently and could be relevant for your target audience (in other words: people who read newswire articles).

Find the right file format.

When it comes to getting your press release published, you have to make sure that the file format is right. This means that the document has a certain type of file extension, like DOC or PDF.

You should also avoid putting images in a press release unless they're part of an illustration or some other type of image (such as charts). Also, don't use tables in your press release—they're harder for editors to read than plain text and can cause headaches when they come across them while reading through the document. Finally: no links! If you need help remembering these things then just ask us at [email protected]

Where to Begin Your Press Release Submission Journey?

You may be wondering where to begin your press release submission journey. There are many options available and you should start with a free template, then fill in the blanks.

  • Start with a free press release template: There are many websites that offer free templates for distribution purposes. Some of these include PRWeb and News Release Database (NRD).

  • Use a free distribution service: Many sites will allow you to submit your press releases for free but charge a fee if they want to get yours published in their publication or blog. This could mean paying $500-$1,000 per article published on their website depending on how many times each article gets featured in the future.* Find a good one: If you decide that one of these paid services is too expensive for what it offers then consider using another method such as submitting directly through social media platforms like Twitter/Facebook etc., writing articles yourself (which we'll talk about below), networking contacts from previous jobs/projects etc...

Local news outlets.

If you're looking for more local outlets to submit your press release for business, here are some tips. First and foremost, look at your local newspapers. Many of them publish a weekly or monthly business section with information about new businesses opening up in the area and how they can help grow their community. These sections can be great places to submit your story!

Next up: social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter will let you know what kind of content is popular among those living near where you live—and if there isn't much demand yet (or ever), then that might be an indication that it's not worth investing time into this idea yet anyway.

Finally: consider contacting radio stations or TV stations that broadcast locally; these individuals may also have access to other sources besides print newspapers (such as radio shows).

Newspapers vs. Online Publications.

Newspapers are a great way to get your press release published, but you should also consider using online publications. Online publications are more likely to publish press releases than newspapers, and they're also more likely to be interested in your business.

Online publications may have larger readership than newspapers (for example: The New York Times has over 1 million subscribers), which means that the likelihood of your press release being read by someone who can help you grow your company or market it further is higher than with a newspaper. They may also link back to your website when publishing their own story about something similar—so if one article mentions another article about what you're talking about (like this one), then there's a chance someone visiting their site could find out about it too!

Industry Journals and Trade Magazines.

If you’re looking to get your business press releases published, it is important that the information in your submission is well-written. You want to make sure that anyone reading your release will understand what you are saying and how they should feel about what they read.

The best way to achieve this goal is by writing in a clear and concise style which makes use of simple language which any reader can easily understand. The most successful releases feature no more than three paragraphs (not including headers), so keep this in mind when writing yours! Try not to overdo it with flowery descriptions or unnecessary jargon; instead focus on the facts and avoid hyperbole at all costs—you don’t want potential customers thinking about how amazing your product/service is when all they need from you is information about its availability or price point.

Social media blogs.

Social media blogs are a great way to get your press release published. They are usually written by an individual, not a large publishing company, and they tend to focus more on local news and events. Social media bloggers can be very influential to their audience because they have such a loyal following of people who read what they write.

Follow the rules for submission and keep your press release simple, sweet and to the point

  • Keep it simple.

  • Keep it sweet.

  • Keep it to the point.

  • Use a press release template or write your own and follow the rules of grammar and punctuation (don't use too many quotes, numbers or words).


While it may seem like a lot of work, the rewards are well worth it. You can make your press release for new business stand out and get more attention for your business. It’s not just about making sure you submit to a bunch of sites, but also about making sure that your submission is 100% optimized for search engines so that when someone does search on their keywords, they will find what they are looking for in seconds!

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