Warehouse Fire Was Source of ‘Putrid’ Odor in California

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The fire, successful Carson, Calif., connected Sept. 30, consumed quality and wellness products and sent chemicals into a adjacent waterway, the authorities said. Thousands complained astir the stench.

The Dominguez Channel emitted a wretched stench that puzzled and, successful  immoderate   cases, sickened residents of southbound  Los Angeles County for weeks.
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Dec. 5, 2021, 7:37 p.m. ET

A foul stench that nauseated and puzzled residents of Carson, Calif., for weeks has been traced to a September occurrence astatine a warehouse filled with wellness and quality products that released chemicals into a adjacent waterway, an probe by a section aerial contamination bureau has found.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District issued violations connected Friday to 4 companies affiliated with the warehouse and to Los Angeles County, which is liable for maintaining the Dominguez Channel.

The warehouse occurrence started connected Sept. 30 and rapidly burned done rubbing intoxicant wipes that were stored successful crates and pallets, a Los Angeles County occurrence inspector told KTLA. Mark Pestrella, manager of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, said successful an interrogation connected Sunday that the warehouse contained “large vats of ethanol” and “everything from manus wipes to bottles of manus sanitizer.”

The chemicals past passed into the sewage system, the aerial prime territory said, and yet drained into the Dominguez Channel, a flood-control waterway that runs much than 15 miles from Los Angeles International Airport to Los Angeles Harbor. This led to the decay of integrated materials successful the channel, resulting successful the emanation of hydrogen sulfide state that acold exceeded the state’s nuisance standard, the bureau said.

The resulting “putrid, sulfur-like odor,” arsenic the Public Works Department described it successful a missive to the county’s committee of supervisors, generated thousands of complaints. In the span of little than a week, the authorities fielded much than 4,000 complaints from residents of Carson and surrounding communities, the aerial prime territory said, noting that the odor of hydrogen sulfide tin trigger headaches and nausea.

One resident, a precocious schoolhouse shot coach, told The Los Angeles Times that the odor was “like a soiled gym sock” oregon “an unclean locker room.” Another compared it to the stench of rotting food and soiled diapers.


Credit...L.A. County Fire Department

A class-action suit filed successful mid-October accuses 3 companies that were doing concern astatine the warehouse astatine the clip of the occurrence of negligence, which led to the noxious state exposure.

In the days aft the fire, the companies failed to decently discard ample quantities of “soggy, charred debris” that were piled up successful and astir the warehouse, “despite the dangers and precocious likelihood that the debris would marque its mode into adjacent tempest drains,” according to the complaint.

For a week aft the blaze, residents of communities on the waterway had nary accusation astir the root of the odor, the suit says. Local officials speculated astir the origin of the fire. In aboriginal October, Mayor Lula Davis-Holmes of Carson said that the state was from a “leaking pipeline.”

Monique Alvarez, 40, a plaintiff successful the suit who lives a “30-second jog” from the channel, said successful an interrogation connected Sunday that “no 1 was truly helping” oregon “providing tangible resources.”

“We didn’t truly person answers astatine the time,” Ms. Alvarez said, adding that her 3 children broke retired successful welts and woke up struggling to breathe.

“One time surviving successful this situation felt similar an eternity,” she said.

A week aft the fire, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health declared that it had recovered “very debased levels of hydrogen sulfide” successful the air. Two days later, the section said the odors were “sufficiently pervasive” and urged residents to get aerial filters, unopen their windows and doors, and support their pets indoors.

At 1 point, members of astir 3,400 households were staying successful edifice rooms paid for by Los Angeles County, said Kerjon Lee, a spokesperson for the Department of Public Works, adding that the region besides provided 40,000 aerial purifiers.

These efforts and the exigency enactment to mitigate the odor from the transmission had outgo the region $54 cardinal arsenic of past week, Mr. Lee said.

The warehouse is owned by Liberty Properties Limited Partnership and its genitor company, Prologis Inc., according to the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Two different companies, Virgin Scent and Day to Day Imports, were storing wellness and quality products determination astatine the clip of the fire, the aerial prime territory said.

The companies did not instantly respond to requests for comment. A spokeswoman for Prologis told The Los Angeles Times that the institution was moving with the Los Angeles County Fire Department to cleanable up the debris from the occurrence and to support the spot from tempest h2o runoff.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors did not respond to a petition for comment.

Mr. Pestrella, the region Public Works Department director, said that the section was seeking an exigency designation from the authorities and that Los Angeles County was “preparing imaginable litigation” against the companies.

He added that the odor had lifted, and that portion h2o conditions were overmuch improved, it could instrumentality up to 2 years for the transmission to afloat recover.

Ms. Alvarez said that aft a period successful a edifice room, she and her household returned to their location conscionable aft Thanksgiving. Their vicinity nary longer smells, she said, but her children inactive occasionally acquisition symptoms, including bloody noses.

“My location does not consciousness harmless anymore,” she said. “People successful our country are inactive getting sick. The symptoms are inactive present and our bodies are inactive saying thing is wrong.”

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