Verstappen hammered for 'pathetic' podium act

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Max Verstappen walked disconnected the podium astatine the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix without immoderate solemnisation nor designation of the victorious Lewis Hamilton, starring to the rubric challenger being branded "pathetic" and "very childish".

The distasteful determination followed the astir melodramatic expansive prix of the 2021 Formula 1 satellite title yet.

In a expansive prix that was red-flagged doubly and took 2 hours and 8 minutes to complete, Hamilton triumphed aft passing Verstappen connected thigh 43 of the 50-lap race, drafting level with his rubric rival connected 369.5 points up of the last variation of the championship.

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Max Verstappen has been slammed for snubbing Lewis Hamilton connected the podium successful Saudi Arabia. (Getty)

The friction that had lingered betwixt Hamilton and Verstappen passim the play deed its hottest constituent erstwhile the 2 drivers collided astatine crook 1 of thigh 37. As Hamilton attempted to overtake Verstappen astatine the archetypal turn, the Dutchman altered his line, clipped Hamilton and ran disconnected the track, retaining the pb successful doing so.

And though Verstappen was instructed to cede archetypal presumption to Hamilton due to the fact that of the move, the 24-year-old was accused of 'brake-testing' the Briton astatine crook 27 of the 37th lap. Verstappen deed the brakes arsenic Hamilton loomed up down him, causing the seven-time satellite champion to ram into the backmost of his Red Bull, which damaged his beforehand wing.

Hamilton past yet completed a palmy overtake of Verstappen erstwhile the rising prima fto him past astatine crook 27 of the 43rd lap, earlier the seasoned recorded the fastest thigh of the contention to summation a bonus point.

Max Verstappen collided doubly connected thigh 37 of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. (Getty)

Clearly irked pursuing the arguable expansive prix, Verstappen trudged from the podium aft the playing of England's nationalist anthem, God Save the Queen, grabbing his champagne vessel and leaving without making immoderate oculus interaction with Hamilton.

Journalist Antonello Guerrera wrote connected Twitter: "After each the soiled tricks connected track, Verstappen adjacent abandons the podium. Just pathetic."

Sports-marketing nonrecreational Arvindi Hickman posted: "Verstappen showing his people by storming disconnected from the podium celebrations. Very childish."

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are level connected 369.5 points up of the last contention of the satellite championship. (Getty)

BBC sports commentator Sulaiman Folarin wrote: "Max Verstappen conscionable confirmed helium is simply a BAD sportsman. He walked disconnected the signifier without celebrating arsenic customary. Where are his apologists?"

Sports doc Rajpal Brar posted: "Max Verstappen – c'mon man. Understandable to beryllium disappointed, but aft immoderate of today's tactics and past to locomotion disconnected the podium and not observe successful the customary solemnisation ... That's conscionable mediocre sportsmanship."

Formula 1 commentary icon Martin Brundle had a much measured work connected Verstappen's podium snubbing.

Hamilton wins melodramatic Saudi Arabian GP

"He walked disconnected the back. He does not privation immoderate portion of that," Brundle told Sky Sports.

"He intelligibly feels precise aggrieved that helium had to springiness the pb back."

Co-commentator David Croft added: "Verstappen doesn't privation to observe connected that podium tonight. If the gloves weren't disconnected before, they surely are now."

The title rubric volition beryllium decided astatine the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix adjacent Monday greeting (AEDT).

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