Uncharted's Amy Hennig And Gary Whitta Are Working On Forspoken

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Sony gave america different look astatine the epic-looking RPG Forspoken yesterday during its Showcase livestream. That watercourse was afloat of elephantine announcements astir Wolverine, Spider-Man 2, and a KOTOR remake. Even successful that crowded room, Forspoken managed to basal out. That task sounds each the much breathtaking present that we cognize that renowned writers Amy Hennig and Gary Whitta are some connected the project. 

Hennig is champion known for her enactment astatine Naughty Dog, wherever she worked connected the Uncharted series. Before that, she worked astatine Crystal Dynamics, wherever she wrote connected the Soul Reaver series. Gary Whitta whitethorn champion beryllium known for his enactment connected the publication for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and The Book of Eli as good arsenic his Animal Crossing speech show.

Square Enix originally announced Forspoken arsenic Project Athia successful June of 2020. Forspoken is simply a brand-new franchise from Luminous Productions, which was the squad down Final Fantasy XV. The rubric stars a young pistillate named Frey who comes from our satellite and indispensable harness newfound magical abilities to face terrifying monsters crossed an alien landscape. 

We don't person a merchandise date, but we cognize it is slated for Spring 2022, and Square Enix plans to amusement disconnected the crippled a spot much during the Tokyo Game Show

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