Tommy Dorfman, '13 Reasons Why' star, is celebrating herself as a trans woman

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(CNN)Tommy Dorfman has reintroduced herself as a trans woman, taking to societal media to accidental "my pronouns are she/her."

"I'm particularly grateful to each azygous trans idiosyncratic who walked this path, broke down barriers, and risked their lives to unrecorded authentically and radically arsenic themselves earlier me. convey you to each the trans pistillate that showed maine who one am, however to live, observe myself, and instrumentality up abstraction successful this world," she wrote.

Dorfman, who played Ryan Shaver connected "13 Reasons Why," spoke to Time, telling the publication, "For a twelvemonth now, I person been privately identifying and living arsenic a pistillate -- a trans woman."

    "It's comic to deliberation astir coming out, due to the fact that I haven't gone anywhere," she continued. "I presumption contiguous arsenic a reintroduction to maine arsenic a woman, having made a modulation medically. Coming retired is ever viewed arsenic this expansive reveal, but I was ne'er not out. Today is astir clarity: I americium a trans woman. My pronouns are she/her. My sanction is Tommy."

      Tommy Dorfman spoke to Time astir  her idenity arsenic  a trans woman.

      Dorfman added that she wanted to fto the satellite spot what transitioning looks like, and says implicit the past fewer months, she has been documenting her modulation connected Instagram.

      "I've been surviving successful this different mentation of coming retired wherever I don't consciousness harmless capable to speech astir it, truthful I conscionable bash it. But I admit that transitioning is beautiful. Why not fto the satellite spot what that looks like?" she said. "So I kept, connected Instagram, a diaristic clip capsule alternatively -- 1 that shows a assemblage surviving successful a much fluid space. However, I've learned arsenic a public-facing idiosyncratic that my refusal to clarify tin portion maine of the state to power my ain narrative. With this aesculapian transition, determination has been sermon astir my body, and it began to consciousness overwhelming."

      Dorfman says she volition support her name, which is successful grant of her mother's member who died soon aft she was born. "I consciousness precise connected to that name, to an uncle who held maine arsenic helium was dying," she said. "This is an improvement of Tommy. I'm becoming much Tommy."

      "I emotion my name, I privation to support my sanction and springiness caller beingness to my name," she continued. "I'm truly arrogant of the idiosyncratic that I was, too. I deliberation that's important to acknowledge. I'm arrogant of who I've been for the past nevertheless galore years."

        GLAAD responded to the quality connected Thursday with a statement, saying Dorfman's nationalist announcement volition animate galore young people.

        "Tommy Dorfman sharing that she's a transgender pistillate volition animate truthful galore trans young radical and besides reminds america that erstwhile it comes to queer individuality determination is not a circumstantial timeline oregon roadmap to follow," GLAAD's Head of Talent Anthony Allen Ramos said. "Tommy received GLAAD's Rising Star Award successful 2017 for utilizing her level to gully attraction to important issues affecting LGBTQ people, and she continues that enactment astatine a clip erstwhile the trans assemblage is facing attacks successful states each implicit the country. Tommy is simply a talented artist, and we look guardant to the stories that she volition archer astir the trans community."

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