Storm boss breaks silence on 'impossible' Smith claim

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Melbourne Storm boss Frank Ponissi has breached the club's soundlessness pursuing contracted subordinate Brandon Smith's caller comments connected a podcast.

Smith infuriated Melbourne erstwhile helium revealed helium wanted to articulation the Sydney Roosters from 2023. He besides upset officials by alleging the the nine has a dense drinking problem.

The Storm person since confirmed that Smith volition depart the nine astatine the decision of his existent contract.

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In response, Ponissi said the Storm's long-standing dominance could not person been achieved without meticulous standards of wellness and carnal performance.

"The full podcast I recovered disappointing but the drinking civilization (comment) I recovered puzzling," helium said connected Sportsday.

"In the past 7 years we've made 7 consecutive prelims, 4 insignificant premierships, 4 Grand Finals, 2 premierships and we won 19 games connected the bounce this year.

"You don't person those performances implicit a agelong play of clip if you person a drinking culture. If you did, they'd abruptly beryllium a batch of sporting teams successful Australia that abruptly would follow a drinking civilization truthful I recovered those comments puzzling.

"It's intolerable and anyone that has immoderate clip of cognition of carnal show and alcohol, they conscionable don't spell together."

Brandon Smith (Getty)

Ponissi besides confirmed that Melbourne hasn't discussed a imaginable swap woody with rival clubs successful an effort to oust Smith up of the 2022 season.

"I tin warrant we didn't attack immoderate nine (about swapping Brandon Smith)," helium said.

"In this presumption radical deliberation you're susceptible truthful you volition get perchance different clubs contacting you.

"We conscionable request a instrumentality a heavy breath, it's been a precise disappointing week. We person to beryllium down with the players successful idiosyncratic alternatively than implicit the telephone oregon text.

"He's a contracted subordinate and he'll beryllium fixed an accidental to amusement helium truly wants to beryllium here."

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