Sharks star reportedly placed in induced coma

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Sharks guardant Andrew Fifita has reportedly been placed successful an induced coma, aft helium was deed successful the pharynx during Cronulla's nonaccomplishment to Newcastle yesterday.

Fifita was taken to Royal Brisbane Hospital past night aft helium complained of occupation breathing.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports he's been placed successful an induced coma to assistance with breathing, made much hard owed to terrible swelling of the larynx.

It is understood helium is successful a unchangeable condition, and infirmary unit are hopeful of waking him aboriginal contiguous to enactment retired the adjacent measurement successful his treatment.

It's expected he'll necessitate country which volition extremity his season, and perchance spot his vocation successful jeopardy.

"The Sharks tin corroborate that Andrew Fifita suffered an wounded to his throat, pursuing an incidental aboriginal successful the 2nd fractional of today's lucifer against Newcastle," the nine said past night.

"After the lucifer Andrew reported trouble swallowing. He was besides noted to person a hoarse dependable astatine this clip and his attraction was escalated to the paramedics with a suspected laryngeal injury.

"He was taken via ambulance to hospital, wherever a important laryngeal wounded was confirmed. Andrew remains successful hospital, wherever helium is receiving the champion imaginable care. The Sharks volition supply further updates erstwhile they go available."


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