SACA flattens WA bid to steal Ashes Test

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UPDATE: The South Australian Cricket Association has responded to the Western Australian government's hopeless determination to poach the 2nd Ashes Test from Adelaide Oval.

The authorities assemblage has released a connection aft it was revealed that the WA authorities was pushing for Perth Stadium to big the 2nd Test, opening connected December 16, suggesting the Adelaide Oval go the big of the 5th Test, starting connected January 14.

That was the petition made by WA athletics and recreation curate Tony Buti, arsenic it became wide Cricket Australia would portion Perth of its Test owed to the authorities government's hardline quarantine stance.

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In an emphatic statement, the SACA made wide that it had nary appetite for a switch.

The Western Australian authorities has failed successful its effort to bargain the 2nd Ashes Test from Adelaide Oval, according to the South Australian Cricket Association. (Getty)

"The South Australian Cricket Association confirms that the 2nd Ashes Test volition proceed arsenic planned astatine the Adelaide Oval, opening connected December 16," the connection said.

"The SACA continues to enactment intimately with Cricket Australia and is committed to delivering the iconic Adelaide day-night Test match, celebrating the SACA's 150th year."

SACA acting main enforcement Jodie Newton said determination had been "no suggestion" that Cricket Australia would hold to the WA government's proposal.

"The Adelaide day-night Test is the biggest yearly lawsuit successful South Australia, and nary circuit is bigger than the Ashes," Newton said.

"South Australians are looking guardant to Alex Carey making his Test debut this week and Travis Head returning to the nationalist broadside arsenic we observe SACA's 150th year.

Perth Stadium is apt acceptable to suffer the 5th Test owed to the state's hardline quarantine stance. (Getty)

"Adelaide Oval is simply a planetary icon and historical crushed with a arrogant estimation of delivering unthinkable Test matches."

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The WA government's projected statement could enactment connected the ground that a two-week quarantine is not required for introduction into WA for travellers from Queensland. The archetypal Test volition beryllium held astatine the Gabba successful Brisbane, opening connected Wednesday, portion the 4th lucifer of the bid volition beryllium hosted by the Sydney Cricket Ground, starting connected January 5.

But it's astir apt that the 5th Test volition beryllium ripped from Perth and Hobart's Bellerive Oval volition beryllium granted hosting rights.

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"If cricket isn't capable to conscionable our borderline rules for (the) 5th Test successful Perth, past they should determination the 2nd Test to Perth instead," Buti said.

"It's a no-brainer.

"As agelong arsenic Queensland stays COVID-free past the teams tin alert successful up of the pink-ball day-night Test.

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"The elemental solution would beryllium to bring that Test present portion South Australia manages its COVID outbreak. Adelaide tin past big the 5th Test primitively scheduled for Perth.

"They could alert consecutive into Perth aft the Brisbane Test. Then nary 1 volition request to interest astir quarantine and COVID protocols, conscionable similar Cairns Taipans played (Perth) Wildcats connected Sunday astatine RAC Arena.

"Optus Stadium tin beryllium made disposable to big the 2nd Test that's presently scheduled for Adelaide Oval betwixt December 16 and 20.''

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If Cricket Australia agrees to Perth's petition the 5th Test volition go the day-night fixture.

Perth Stadium has hosted 2 Test matches, betwixt Australia and India successful December 2018 and Australia and New Zealand 12 months later.

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