‘Rogue’ U.S. Agency Used Racial Profiling to Investigate Commerce Dept. Employees, Report Says

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An obscure national bureau operated for much than a decennary arsenic an “unaccountable constabulary force” wrong the Commerce Department, utilizing utmost and unauthorized tactics.

The Investigations and Threat Management Service, an interior   information    bureau   astatine  the Commerce Department, became fixated connected  rooting retired  overseas   espionage wrong   the agency, according to the report.
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Catie Edmondson

Published July 16, 2021Updated July 17, 2021, 12:05 a.m. ET

WASHINGTON — Officials successful a little-known information portion wrong the Commerce Department conducted unauthorized surveillance and investigations into the agency’s employees that targeted radical of Chinese and Middle Eastern descent, Senate investigators said successful a caller report.

The report, informed by much than 2 twelve whistle-blowers and released this week by Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi, the apical Republican connected the Commerce Committee, concluded that the Investigations and Threat Management Service functioned for much than a decennary arsenic “a rogue, unaccountable constabulary force,” opening thousands of unauthorized investigations into section employees, often for specious reasons.

It recovered that the enactment of the bureau — consumed by concerns astir rampant Chinese espionage successful the United States — sometimes veered into radical profiling, and that its leaders utilized utmost tactics, specified arsenic sending masked agents to interruption into offices to hunt for incriminating evidence.

“Combating nationalist information threats posed by China should beryllium a precedence for immoderate agency, but that does not springiness the national authorities a licence to disregard the law,” Mr. Wicker said successful a statement. “Abuse of authorization and race-based targeting is unacceptable, particularly successful instrumentality enforcement.”

The unit, an interior information bureau wrong the Commerce Department, became fixated connected rooting retired overseas espionage, according to the report, resorting to searching employees’ email accounts for definite phrases successful Chinese and flagging “ethnic surnames” for inheritance checks done unafraid quality databases. In immoderate cases, its agents would covertly hunt employees’ offices wearing look masks and gloves, sometimes picking locks to summation entry.

Unit leaders often refused to adjacent investigations into employees adjacent aft agents were incapable to find incriminating evidence, astatine times leaving researchers oregon different employees successful administrative limbo. Almost 2,000 cases remained unfastened astatine the extremity of past year, Senate investigators said.

In caller years, American instrumentality enforcement officials person go progressively acrophobic that China is expanding its spying efforts successful the United States and utilizing visiting Chinese scholars for intelligence-gathering purposes. The Senate study laid retired however those fears fueled an aggressive, unauthorized counterespionage effort wrong a section that houses technological agencies staffed by researchers from astir the world. The result, it said, was a discriminatory effort to people and spy connected radical of Asian and Middle Eastern descent — galore of them Chinese Americans, but immoderate from Iran and Iraq — adjacent successful the lack of tenable suspicion.

Under the Biden administration, section officials suspended the unit’s investigations and began an interior reappraisal of the programme successful April, a spokeswoman said, adding that officials were examining Mr. Wicker’s study and took the allegations against the bureau “very seriously.”

The spokeswoman said officials expected their interior reappraisal to reason “in the coming weeks, astatine which constituent the section volition stock its plans for addressing the issues that person been raised.”

Mr. Wicker’s study was the culmination of a six-month Senate enquiry successful which investigators interviewed much than 2 twelve whistle-blowers and combed done a trove of interior documents. The Washington Post reported connected immoderate of the investigation’s archetypal findings successful May, portion the enquiry was inactive active.

Senate investigators painted a representation of a portion that routinely engaged successful unethical oregon unsafe activities that were beyond the scope of its mandate and that its employees were not trained to do. The study indicated that the bulk of those efforts were driven implicit the people of aggregate administrations by 1 official: George Lee, the unit’s longtime director, who has since been placed connected leave.

Mr. Lee could not beryllium reached for remark connected Friday.

Investigators with the portion surveilled societal media enactment for commentary criticizing the census, and past would tally the commenters’ names done classified databases, “despite having unclear authorization from the quality assemblage to usage these databases for this purpose,” the study said.


Credit...Maddie McGarvey for The New York Times

One whistle-blower who aided the probe and was subsequently interviewed by The New York Times said that the absorption connected investigating dissenting societal media comments was peculiarly frustrating due to the fact that the portion did not travel up connected threats made against census employees — including if commenters wrote connected Facebook that they would sprout an enumerator if they came to their house, for example.

Much of the unit’s absorption was looking wrong the Commerce Department for perceived threats, often targeting “employees renowned successful their nonrecreational fields,” the study said, with galore of those investigations targeting subjects with Chinese oregon Middle Eastern ancestry.

Investigators said that the signifier dated backmost “as aboriginal arsenic 2014,” during the Obama administration, and that the portion specifically “targeted departmental divisions with comparably precocious proportions of Asian American employees.”

An interior papers reviewed by The Times shows that portion employees were encouraged to hunt employees’ email accounts for presumption written successful Chinese characters arsenic wide arsenic “fund,” “government support” and “project lead,” ostensibly to basal retired employees who were participating successful a Chinese endowment recruitment program. Any matching connection recovered successful an employee’s inbox would punctual an investigation, 2 erstwhile employees said successful autarkic interviews.

The whistle-blowers spoke to the committee and The Times connected the information of anonymity to sermon interior bureau matters.

In 1 instance, according to a whistle-blower, the portion conducted a covert hunt of an employee’s bureau aft specified an inbox hunt revealed that the idiosyncratic had received a certificate from a Chinese probe spouse designating the worker arsenic an adept successful their fixed field.

“If Commerce is superior astir protecting U.S. equities, it can’t beryllium astatine the disbursal of American law rights,” Chris Cheung, a erstwhile researcher with the Investigations and Threat Management Service who reported the enactment to his supervisors, said successful an interview. Mr. Cheung described the behaviour of the portion arsenic if “someone that was haphazardly fixed a weapon and a badge didn’t person training, truthful they operated based connected what they saw successful movies.”

A erstwhile elder Commerce Department authoritative interviewed by Senate investigators described the targeting of Asian American employees arsenic a “fine enactment betwixt other scrutiny and xenophobia, and 1 that I.T.M.S. regularly crossed.”

Officials with the portion investigated Sherry Chen, an award-winning hydrologist astatine the National Weather Service and a naturalized American national calved successful China, laying the groundwork for what became a high-profile case successful which Ms. Chen was accused of espionage, arrested and told she faced 25 years successful situation and $1 cardinal successful fines. A week earlier she was scheduled to spell connected trial, prosecutors dropped each charges against Ms. Chen without explanation.

Ms. Chen told Senate investigators successful an interrogation that agents from the portion had “provided her with insubstantial to draught a connection and instructed her to constitute words they prepared aft telling her that she did not request to consult with counsel.”

Whistle-blowers besides reported participating successful a grooming league successful Virginia successful which the unit’s manager instructed his employees to way him successful government-owned vehicles “at precocious rates of speed.”

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