President Biden Pays A Moving Tribute To Patriot And Hero Bob Dole

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President Biden paid tribute to his long-time friend, and patriot the precocious Sen. Bob Dole.

Biden said successful a connection provided to PoliticusUSA:

A period aft being sworn successful arsenic President, 1 of the archetypal conversations I had with anyone extracurricular the White House was with our beloved friends, Bob and Elizabeth Dole, astatine their location successful Washington. Bob had precocious been diagnosed with lung cancer, and I was were determination to connection the aforesaid support, love, and encouragement that they showed maine and Jill erstwhile our lad Beau battled cancer, and that the Doles person shown america implicit the fractional period we’ve been friends. 
Like each existent friendships, careless of however overmuch clip has passed, we picked up close wherever we near off, arsenic though it were lone yesterday that we were sharing a laughter successful the Senate eating country oregon debating the large issues of the day, often against each other, connected the Senate floor. I saw successful his eyes the aforesaid light, bravery, and determination I’ve seen truthful galore times before. 
In the Senate, though we often disagreed, helium ne'er hesitated to enactment with maine oregon different Democrats erstwhile it mattered most. He and Ted Kennedy came unneurotic to crook Bob’s lifelong origin into the Americans with Disabilities Act — granting tens of millions of Americans lives of greater dignity. On the Social Security Commission, helium led a bipartisan effort with Pat Moynihan to guarantee that each American could turn aged with their basal dignity intact. When helium managed the measure to make a national vacation successful the sanction of Martin Luther King, Jr. — a measure that galore successful his ain caucus opposed — I volition ne'er hide what helium said to our colleagues: “No first-class ideology tin dainty radical similar second-class citizens.”
Another bipartisan effort, the McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program, provided schoolhouse meals and nutrient for nursing mothers and young children. It saved the lives of countless young radical who would different person died successful infancy — and brought dignity to tens of millions of families astatine location and abroad. This work, for Bob, was astir much than passing laws. It was written connected his heart.
Bob was an American statesman similar fewer successful our history. A warfare leader and among the top of the Greatest Generation. And to me, helium was besides a person whom I could look to for trusted guidance, oregon a humorous enactment astatine conscionable the close infinitesimal to settee frayed nerves. I volition miss my friend. But I americium grateful for the times we shared, and for the relationship Jill and I and our household person built with Liddy and the full Dole family.
Bob was a antheral to beryllium admired by Americans. He had an unerring consciousness of integrity and honor. May God bless him, and whitethorn our federation gully upon his bequest of decency, dignity, bully humor, and patriotism for each time.

Bob Dole was a Republican with integrity who fought for and loved his country. He was an American hero. Dole was a Republican, but helium was a Republican who cared astir the American people.

Dole volition beryllium astir remembered arsenic being the sacrificial lamb 1996 Republican statesmanlike nominee, but helium had a agelong and distinguished vocation successful nationalist service. He served his state and the American people, and the federation would beryllium amended disconnected if the Republican Party utilized Bob Dole arsenic its relation exemplary alternatively of Donald Trump.

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