Oxford School Officials Announce Investigation Into Shooting

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For the archetypal time, the schoolhouse territory has fixed its mentation of events. In a missive to parents and unit members, it besides said it volition question an extracurricular enactment to behaviour an investigation.

Students and mourners extracurricular  Oxford High School connected  Dec. 1
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Dec. 5, 2021, 9:23 p.m. ET

On Saturday, the Michigan schoolhouse territory of Oxford High School, Oxford Community Schools, announced successful a missive to parents and unit members that it would question an extracurricular enactment to analyse the shootings of Nov. 30 that near 4 students dormant and galore wounded. The shooting suspect, Ethan Crumbley, 15, has been charged with execution and terrorism, and his parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, person been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Each of them has pleaded not guilty.

In summation to releasing accusation astir an investigation, Tim Throne, the territory superintendent, revealed details successful his missive astir what happened earlier the shootings, including 2 meetings schoolhouse officials had with Ethan Crumbley, the archetypal clip that the territory had fixed its mentation of events.

Here are 5 questions the schoolhouse addressed successful the letter.

Mr. Throne said the extracurricular enactment would analyse immoderate connection the schoolhouse has received arsenic good arsenic “any and each interaction” Ethan Crumbley had with unit and students. Mr. Throne besides said the territory plans to inquire an autarkic information advisor to reappraisal the district’s information practices and procedures.


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On Nov. 29, Mr. Throne wrote, a teacher saw Mr. Crumbley viewing images of bullets connected his cellphone during class. A counsellor and a unit subordinate met with him, and helium indicated that shooting sports were a household hobby, the missive said. The schoolhouse tried to interaction Ms. Crumbley but did not perceive backmost close away. The adjacent day, Mr. Crumbley’s parents confirmed his account, the missive said.

On the greeting of Nov. 30, the time of the shootings, a teacher observed drawings by Mr. Crumbley that raised concerns. Karen D. McDonald, the authoritative successful Oakland Country, Mich., has said that the drafting featured images of a gun, a idiosyncratic who had been shot, a laughing emoji and the words, “Blood everywhere,” and, “The thoughts won’t stop. Help me.”

The teacher, Mr. Throne said, notified schoolhouse counselors and the dean of students. Mr. Crumbley was instantly removed from the schoolroom and taken to the guidance counselor’s office, wherever helium claimed the drafting was portion of a video crippled helium was designing, Mr. Throne said.

According to the letter, the schoolhouse had trouble reaching Mr. Crumbley’s parents, and helium remained successful the bureau for an hr and a fractional earlier they arrived. During that time, schoolhouse officials observed Mr. Crumbley and spoke with him.

After his parents arrived, schoolhouse officials asked “specific probing questions” regarding Mr. Crumbley’s imaginable to harm others oregon himself, Mr. Throne said. Mr. Crumbley’s answers, which were confirmed by his parents, led counselors to reason that helium did not mean to wounded anyone, the superintendent said.

“At nary clip did counselors judge the pupil mightiness harm others based connected his behavior, responses and demeanor, which appeared calm,” wrote Mr. Throne, referring to some meetings.


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Counseling was recommended for Mr. Crumbley, and his parents were told they had 48 hours to question counseling for their kid oregon the schoolhouse would interaction Children’s Protective Services, Mr. Throne wrote.

“When the parents were asked to instrumentality their lad location for the day,” helium wrote, “they flatly refused and near without their son, seemingly to instrumentality to work.”

Because their lad had nary erstwhile disciplinary infractions, “the determination was made helium would beryllium returned to the schoolroom alternatively than sent location to an bare house.”

According to the letter, the decisions related to some meetings remained astatine the guidance counsellor level and were ne'er elevated to the principal’s oregon adjunct principal’s offices. The counselors made judgments based connected their grooming and objective experience, Mr. Throne said, “and did not person each the facts we present know.”

Mr. Throne said that whether Mr. Crumbley had a firearm successful his backpack during the gathering “has not been confirmed by instrumentality enforcement astatine this clip nor by our probe astatine this time.” But Mr. Throne wrote that, “The student’s parents ne'er advised the schoolhouse territory that helium had nonstop entree to a firearm oregon that they had precocious purchased a firearm for him.”

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