Market highlights December 6: Crypto bloodbath ensues, all US indexes in the red

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The crypto markets were seen little this morning. All 3 large US indices ended past week successful the reddish arsenic coronavirus-induced volatility returned to markets. After a continuous ascent since its 2020 IPO, shares of task absorption bundle institution Asana plunged 26% past week, pursuing its Q3 net report. 

Top cryptos

Bitcoin prices registered large losses implicit the weekend. On Friday morning, Bitcoin was trading astatine astir $57,000, but had fallen to astir $43,000 by Saturday. On Sunday, Bitcoin managed to retrieve immoderate of its losses, trading supra $48,000 aboriginal this morning. Other large cryptos were besides successful the reddish astatine clip of writing, with Ethereum registering insignificant losses implicit the past 24 hours, and Cardano and XRP 4% and 5% lower. Outside the apical 10, Algorand registered gains of astir 11%. It’s presently down by 4%.

Top movers

No. 45-ranked BitTorrent, a fashionable peer-to-peer (P2P) record sharing and torrent level which has go progressively decentralized successful caller years, is 1 of the fewer gainers successful the apical 100. It’s up 20% today. Originally released successful July 2001, BitTorrent was purchased by blockchain level TRON successful July 2018.  All different coins person plummeted, astir betwixt 5% and 15%.


First launched connected May 12, 2021, Meta Rewards Token is simply a deflationary token designed to go scarcer implicit clip via token burns and buybacks. All holders of MRT are said to gain a proportional 10% BNB reward from each Buy/ Sell Transaction, which is automatically sent to their wallets. Meta Rewards Token is up implicit 8,000% today.

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