LIVE: New All Blacks captain lines up Argentina

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Argentina's Pumas person spent 2 weeks successful quarantine reflecting connected caller losses to South Africa and focusing connected subject up of today's Rugby Championship Test against the All Blacks (5.05pm AEST).

The Pumas mislaid to the Springboks 32-12 and 29-10 successful Rugby Championship Tests successful South Africa earlier flying to Australia wherever they person had to isolate for 14 days earlier continuing the tournament.

Today's lucifer volition beryllium the archetypal of a doubleheader astatine Robina Stadium connected the Gold Coast, with the Wallabies hosting World Cup champion South Africa successful the 2nd game.

In total, 30 of the 61 points Argentina conceded against South Africa came from penalties — 5 successful each lucifer — and skipper Julian Montoya believes amended subject volition beryllium captious against the All Blacks, who are well-equipped to punish lapses.

"We person been locked up for 2 weeks preparing for the crippled and being precise self-critical," Montoya said.

"We ever deliberation astir what we tin amended and however we tin beryllium better.

"New Zealand, South Africa and Australia instrumentality you to the bounds and that is great. But indiscipline is simply a substance of 100% concentration. We person to set that which was the biggest shortage successful the past 2 games and it is hard to vie with truthful overmuch indiscipline."

The Pumas person a beardown absorption connected fundamentals — beardown acceptable pieces, rigid defence, bully exits and close tactical kicking.

Through those means they question to power the gait of the game, a cardinal origin against the All Blacks who volition ever effort to assistance the tempo and play fluidly, with minimal stoppages.

"The acceptable pieces are fundamental, successful this crippled and successful each games," Montoya said.

"The cardinal is is the obtaining of the ball.

"The mode to beryllium amended is by moving hard. There are nary magic formulas, determination are nary shortcuts. You person to enactment and we are doing that, ever trying to beryllium better, being self-critical and grooming a lot."

Pumas caput manager Mario Ledesma agrees with Montoya that controlling the gait of the crippled volition beryllium crucial.

By dominating possession, controlling tract possession and defending faultlessly for 80 minutes, Argentina was capable to bushed New Zealand for the archetypal clip successful Sydney past twelvemonth successful that season's reduced Tri-Nations tournament.

"The objectives for this Sunday are to power the crippled successful the things that we tin control, enforce the things that we tin enforce and evidently that begins with winning the ball," Ledesma said.

"We person to play the crippled we privation to play: New Zealand invites you to play a rhythm, a tempo that sometimes they unsocial tin play."

The Pumas travel into the lucifer without a triumph successful this year's Rugby Championship, facing an All Blacks squad atop the array aft back-to-back wins implicit Australia.

New Zealand bushed Australia 57-22 and 38-21 successful the past 2 Tests of the Bledisloe Cup series, which besides were Rugby Championship matches. They scored 14 tries successful those matches, helped greatly by an Australian squad which excessively often gave distant possession done turnovers, inaccurate kicking oregon passing and done mediocre discipline.

With regular possession and helped by Australia's anemic defence, New Zealand was capable to power the gait and benignant of those games.

Head manager Ian Foster has made six changes to his lineup for today's match, from the 1 which bushed Australia past weekend.

But those changes don't notably weaken the All Blacks — Foster has been capable to regenerate wingers Rieko Ioane and Will Jordan with Sevu Reece and George Bridge, without losing immoderate gait oregon powerfulness successful the backmost three.

Juggling specified extent of endowment mightiness beryllium a headache for immoderate coaches but Foster says "it's a bully headache."

"We person looked astatine it holistically," helium said.

"Sevu was 1 of our signifier backs, helium played good successful (July) and the aboriginal (Bledisloe Cup tests). We gave him a remainder past week and he'll beryllium acceptable to go. We are besides seeing signs that George is backmost into the signifier we know, truthful it's important helium gets an accidental to involvement his claim."

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