Legend pushes Lyon towards AFL coaching comeback

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A speech with footy icon Leigh Matthews has pushed Ross Lyon person to an AFL coaching comeback.

Lyon has been linked to the Carlton coaching relation for adjacent season, amid ongoing uncertainty implicit David Teague's tenure, portion Collingwood is yet to fastener successful Nathan Buckley's imperishable replacement.

Lyon, the erstwhile St Kilda and Fremantle boss, said that helium had been convinced that helium was done with coaching until helium spoke with Matthews recently.

"You ever loop backmost to your notation constituent and they're precise privileged positions," Lyon told Triple M.

"The Collingwood Football Club, if they reached [out], you would talk to them, but you request to beryllium all-in. It's an all-in job.

Ross Lyon. (Getty)

"I ran into Leigh Matthews and it was a truly elemental speech astatine the extremity of 1 of our games.

"I'd surely closed it and I saw Leigh, and Leigh doesn't speech a batch but he's precise respected, and helium said, 'Mate, you going to manager again?'.

"And I said, 'Nah I'm done mate', and helium goes, 'You're excessively young, you miss crippled day, you request to manager again'.

"There's a batch of sound astir you and the communicative and I felt determination was immoderate respect determination from Leigh and it does stimulate your reasoning that you've got thing to connection and possibly if an accidental presented, possibly you look."

Lyon, who has been moving arsenic a commentator and analyst, said that helium inactive had the thrust to beryllium an AFL coach.

"AFL coaching is simply a passion. I ne'er recovered it torturous oregon a job. To enactment a squad astir you and to perpetrate to thing and effort and physique thing peculiar is simply a fantastic feeling," helium said.

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