Just One Republican Voted To Keep The US From Defaulting

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) was the lone Republican successful the House who voted to support the U.S. from defaulting.

Kinzinger was the 1 lonely House Republican ballot for economical sanity:

Only 1 Republican(Adam Kinzinger) votes to support the US from defaulting pic.twitter.com/AgOlIDGvhh

— Acyn (@Acyn) December 8, 2021

House Democrats had a engaged nighttime arsenic they not lone accrued the indebtedness limit. Democrats besides passed authorities to artifact Medicare sequester cuts from triggering and passed the NDAA.

Speaker Pelosi said successful a connection provided to PoliticusUSA:

Also tonight, House Democrats person taken beardown enactment to safeguard the afloat religion and recognition of the United States, which is written into the Constitution.  Our enactment protects families, who would look a nonaccomplishment of millions of jobs and trillions successful household wealthiness and drastic increases successful involvement for car loans, pupil debt, mortgages, recognition paper bills and different types of borrowing.  And it protects the U.S. and planetary economies, by staving disconnected a catastrophic driblet successful GDP, a devastating downgrade to America’s recognition standing and a monolithic driblet successful the worth of the dollar.

  Our authorities also, proudly, provides a lifeline to American seniors and farmers by rolling implicit the PAYGO scorecard until 2023 to forestall sequester cuts to Medicare and captious supports for American farmers, and besides extending cardinal Medicare provisions.

Republicans Voted To Burn The Economy To The Ground

The ballot was a reminder that Republicans are consenting to trash the system if it volition assistance them to triumph the predetermination successful 2022. The home coercion of the GOP gets astir of the attention, but the information that lone Adam Kinzinger was consenting to enactment the state archetypal should archer each American that the Republican Party is consenting to destruct America for electoral gain.

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