Johns' desperate plea to polarising Radley

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Rugby league Immortal Andrew Johns has made a wholehearted plea for Roosters fastener Victor Radley to not "go changing", declaring his firebrand benignant of play is "why everyone loves him".

Radley is again facing a stint retired of the crippled aft he tried connected Friday to complaint down an Albert Kelly tract extremity attempt successful the Roosters' melodramatic 21-20 triumph implicit the Broncos.

Radley failed to complaint down the footwear and alternatively took retired Kelly's legs, leaving the seasoned playmaker screaming successful agony and sprawled retired connected the turf.

Radley volition miss 3 games if helium opts for the aboriginal blameworthy plea but 4 matches if helium challenges the telephone astatine the judiciary and fails.

The 23-year-old has already missed 5 games owed to suspension this season, having travel nether occurrence for high shots connected Kelly and Tevita Pangai Junior successful the Roosters-Broncos clash successful Round 11.

Roosters fastener Victor Radley. (Getty)

But Johns shredded the mentation that Radley indispensable alteration his ways.

"That's wherefore everyone loves him. He competes, he's arsenic pugnacious arsenic they come, helium competes connected each play," Johns said connected Wide World of Sports' The Final Whistle.

"He's not changing his ways. If helium changes his ways he's not that player. He goes from Victor the inflictor to Victor the politically close feather.

"Victor, don't spell changing. But delight don't change.

"Everyone loves Victor due to the fact that they spot helium conscionable gets retired and rips in. That's the subordinate everyone loves to see. He's old-school, competes astatine everything, you can't wounded him, you can't wounded him with a shot bat."

Roosters fastener Victor Radley being placed connected study successful Round 11. (Getty)

Radley's botched charge-down effort connected Kelly resulted successful the Broncos kicking a punishment extremity that handed them a 20-19 pb successful the 77th minute.

Further play played retired erstwhile Broncos front-rower Thomas Flegler was deemed to person caught Roosters second-rower Sitili Tupouniua precocious successful the 80th minute, starring to the Roosters potting a match-winning punishment goal.

Johns pretended what he'd archer Radley if helium was Roosters manager Trent Robinson.

"If I'm coaching Victor Radley successful this position, I'm saying to him, 'Mate, you tried to triumph america the game, you sprinted retired of the enactment to complaint it down'," Johns said.

"It's a full accident. What bash you privation him to do? Not to complaint down? To tally through? 'Oh, I mightiness deed your legs'."

Rugby league Immortal Andrew Johns. (Getty)

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