Johnny Depp says Hollywood is boycotting him

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(CNN)According to Johnny Depp, the past 5 years person been "surreal" for him.

Depp, who besides served arsenic 1 of the producers of the film, portrays real-life lensman W. Eugene Smith, whose enactment with Life mag documented the mercury poisoning of Japanese villagers successful the aboriginal 1970s.

    The prima reflected connected his beingness precocious -- helium filed suit aft The Sun called him a "wife-beater" successful an nonfiction implicit his present ex-wife Amber Heard's claims of maltreatment that helium has denied -- juxtaposed to some the Japanese villagers who had been poisoned and those who person suffered from Covid-19.

      "That's similar getting scratched by a kitten," Depp said of what he's been through. "Comparatively."

      He besides reflected connected the movie not being released successful the US arsenic it has successful the UK, thing helium and manager Andrew Levitas look to blame, successful part, connected Depp's idiosyncratic life.

      He said of the villagers portrayed successful his movie "We looked these radical successful the eyeballs and promised we would not beryllium exploitative."

      "That the movie would beryllium respectful," Depp said. "I judge that we've kept our extremity of the bargain, but those who came successful aboriginal should besides support theirs."

      He besides referred to "Hollywood's boycott of, erm, me."

      "One man, 1 histrion successful an unpleasant and messy situation, implicit the past fig of years?" helium said "But, you know, I'm moving towards wherever I request to spell to marque each that . . .To bring things to light."

      Heard and Depp joined successful 2015 aft dating for respective years.

        They divided the pursuing twelvemonth successful what became a months-long, contentious breakup with allegations of atrocious behaviour by some sides earlier their divorcement was yet settled.

        Depp has consistently denied helium abused Heard and has filed a $50 cardinal defamation suit against her which is presently making its mode done the courts.

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