Holden pair claim extraordinary Bathurst win

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Chaz Mostert and Lee Holdsworth person fixed Holden yet different Bathurst 1000 victory, taking retired the 2021 contention astatine Mount Panorama.

The brace were fastest each week and overcame a mid-race tyre nonaccomplishment to assertion the win.

Cam Waters and James Moffat finished second, with Brodie Kostecki and David Russell rounding retired the podium.

"I don't cognize what to say, this is unbelievable," said Holdsworth.

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It's Holdsworth's archetypal triumph astatine the Bathurst 1000, portion Mostert added to his 2014 title.

"It was a beauteous pugnacious race, erstwhile we did that tyre I thought it was going to beryllium a beauteous pugnacious slog," Mostert said.

"We started rod and we won the race, each clip you commencement connected rod you ne'er deliberation you're going to win."

Lee Holdsworth and Chaz Mostert observe their Bathurst 1000 win. (Getty)

Tony D'Alberto got the leap disconnected the commencement enactment to pb Holdsworth and Garth Tander into the archetypal corner, but adjacent earlier the tract had completed a azygous thigh he'd been shuffled backmost to third.

Holdsworth took the pb into The Chase for the archetypal time, portion Tander slipped wrong the DJR Mustang astatine Murray's Corner.

Moffat runs crossed the writer astatine The Chase

Across the enactment for the archetypal clip Holdsworth had the pb from Tander and D'Alberto, portion the Team 18 Commodore of James Golding suffered the race's archetypal drama.

Golding ended up connected the writer astatine The Chase connected thigh two, and pitted instantly afterwards, reporting a powerfulness steering occupation with the car.

Holdsworth had extended his pb to astir 5 seconds by the ninth lap, portion Tander successful 2nd was 7 seconds wide of D'Alberto and Tim Slade, arsenic the starring 2 cars opened up an aboriginal gap.

Thomas Randle brought retired the archetypal information car of the contention connected thigh 17 erstwhile helium recovered the soil trap astatine Turn One, wiping retired the 7 2nd pb Holdsworth had built.

Power steering nonaccomplishment claims Perkins

The leaders took the accidental to pit, with Holdsworth remaining down the instrumentality of the 25 car, portion Waters replaced Moffat, who had endured a hard archetypal stint, dropping from 3rd to 12th.

The 2nd DJR car of Will and Alex Davison besides suffered, having to treble stack down the team's different car, dropping the Davison brothers from 5th down to 18th.

Lap 30 saw the Will Brown/Jack Perkins car endure a large power-steering failure, arsenic the car starting smoking heavy connected the tally crossed the apical of the upland portion moving successful ninth position.

Perkins was forced to pit for repairs, which outgo the duo 12 laps, efficaciously ending their day, though they continued to circulate erstwhile it was fixed.

Tyre nonaccomplishment for Chaz Mostert

All the portion the pb Walkinshaw Andretti United car of Lee Holdsworth carried connected successful the lead, yet pitting connected thigh 38 to alteration to Chaz Mostert.

On thigh 49, however, Mostert abruptly slowed arsenic helium made the tally onto Conrod Straight, with a left-rear tyre failure. His 12 2nd pb evaporated arsenic helium headed for the pits, fortunately without immoderate superior harm isolated from nonaccomplishment of time. He rejoined successful 12th spot, yet moving his mode backmost into the pb arsenic those successful beforehand pitted, but helium was retired of series with the remainder of the field.

That was however the adjacent 40 laps played out, with Mostert and Holdsworth displaying superior gait successful the WAU Commodore, but pitting astatine antithetic times.

It resulted successful Holdsworth holding a 38 2nd pb erstwhile helium pitted connected thigh 92, with Moffat successful 2nd with Tander successful adjacent institution successful 3rd and D'Alberto rounding retired the apical four.

Safety car caused by echidna

With 56 laps to spell came connected of the astir antithetic information car interventions successful Bathurst 1000 history, erstwhile an echidna wandered onto the track.

"This spot is conscionable mad, isn't it," said Mark Skaife.

As the saying goes, information cars breed information cars, and truthful it was again this time, erstwhile Jayden Ojeda crashed conscionable aft the contention went greenish again.

That caused a unreserved for the pit-lane, with the Triple Eight cars of Shane van Gisbergen and Jamie Whincup moving archetypal and second. The halt was disastrous for Whincup, who was forced to treble stack, with the squad lone capable to work a azygous car astatine a time, dropping him retired of the apical 10.

Will Davidson and Whincup made interaction arsenic they some near the lane, with officials assessing Davidson a five-second penalty.

Feeney finds the partition astatine Bathurst

The contention had lone conscionable restarted erstwhile Jake Kostecki recovered the partition astatine Forrest's Elbow, necessitating different information car, but importantly removing immoderate request to substance prevention to get to the finish.

Mostert was capable to propulsion distant from van Gisbergen erstwhile racing resumed, rapidly opening up a three-second lead.

Both Mostert and van Gisbergen had completed their last stops erstwhile Anton de Pasquale crushed to a halt coming retired of The Cutting, which brought retired the information car yet again. The DJR operator complained that helium could alteration gear, but had nary drive, and his time was done.

The remainder of the tract headed for the pits for the last time, leaving a 20-lap shootout to the finish, with Mostert starring van Gisbergen and Waters.

But the information car wasn't done yet, with Broc Feeney uncovering occupation astatine the apical of the mountain, crashing retired of ninth place.

When the contention went greenish again, Mostert was erstwhile again capable to unfastened up a 4 2nd lead, but determination was 1 past twist, erstwhile van Gisbergen's close beforehand tyre delaminated, forcing him to pit with conscionable a fistful of laps remaining.

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