Gun prop's injury sours crucial Knights win

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The Knights' important 16-14 win implicit the Sharks successful the contention for top-eight berths was soured by a Daniel Saifiti wounded blow.

In a perchance thumping deed to Newcastle's top-eight hopes and rubric ambitions, Saifiti was helped from the tract by a medico successful the 69th infinitesimal and didn't instrumentality aft suffering an wounded to his near knee.

The NSW Blues workhorse halted play for respective minutes portion helium had his near genu strapped and, though helium did resume, helium failed to past different minute.

"This would beryllium a massive, monolithic stroke to Newcastle's run if Saifiti's done a ligament," said Nine commentator Mat Thompson arsenic the prima prop was helped from the tract astatine Brisbane's Moreton Daily Stadium.

Saifiti, who has a past of genu injuries, wounded his near genu arsenic helium took connected 4 Sharks defenders successful a hit-up adjacent to the line.

The 25-year-old's genu past buckled again arsenic helium was moving backward successful the Knights' antiaircraft enactment little than a infinitesimal later.

Newcastle front-rower Daniel Saifiti is helped from the tract by a aesculapian staffer precocious successful the triumph implicit Cronulla. (Getty)

"You spot Aidan Tolman falls connected that limb a small spot arsenic it's going down and conscionable gets it into a atrocious presumption there," said legendary Eels halfback Peter Sterling.

"You tin spot the grimace of pain."

Rugby league Immortal Andrew Johns added: "The mode that twists, that's the medial ligament connected the wrong of the knee."

Newcastle's triumph implicit Cronulla has budged them up from ninth to seventh connected the ladder up of the past 3 games of the regular season.

Adam O'Brien's men are acceptable to conscionable the Bulldogs, Titans and Broncos successful a comfy tally to the finals.

Newcastle are expected to fastener up 1 of the 2 vacant positions successful the apical eight, but Saifiti's wounded could hinder the Knights' premiership dream.

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