GOP Terrified As Pelosi Vows 1/6 Committee Will Find Those Who Organized And Funded Capitol Attack

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Speaker Pelosi said astatine her play property league that the 1/6 Committee would find those who messaged with, organized, and funded the Capitol attack.


This is wherefore Republicans are truthful scared. Speaker Pelosi says the 1/6 Committee is going to analyse those who messaged with, funded, and brought the insurrectionists to the Capitol. In different words, a full clump of House Republicans could beryllium caught successful that net.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 22, 2021

Speaker Pelosi said:

Because it was not imaginable in this timeframe, past period we passed our authorities for a select committee. A prime committee is a bipartisan committee with a quorum and it is investigating the causes of what happened connected January 6th, and to find retired how it was organized, who paid for it, who messaged to get those radical present for the assault connected the Capitol. Well implicit 100 radical were injured and immoderate died. 

I volition ne'er hide the trauma caused not lone for our members but for our unit and for the radical who enactment successful the Capitol to marque our enactment possible. Some of you were present that day as well. You tin attest to the information it was not each love, hugs, and kisses, arsenic it has been characterized, mischaracterize, shall we say. So we named the committee and it is bipartisan. We person a quorum. Staff is being hired to bash the job. We are determination to question the truth. We are determination to get the truth and not Trump. It seems to beryllium what the different side is obsessed about.

House Republicans Are Running A Cover-Up For Trump And Themselves

Almost instantly aft the onslaught connected the Capitol, determination were reports that immoderate House Republicans provided assistance and enactment to the insurrection.

House Republicans themselves person blamed Trump for aiding and organizing the attack, but it is wide that determination are specific House Republicans who person a crushed for concern. 

Democrats are going to get to the truth, and nary magnitude of cover-up volition halt them.

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