Fury's brother withdraws from Jake Paul fight

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The combat betwixt Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is off, the second pulling retired of the combat owed to a thorax corruption and breached rib.

The YouTuber turned boxer blasted the determination successful a abbreviated video, calling Fury "boxing's biggest bitch."

"Who knows what the f--k is going connected successful that camp," Paul said.

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"He fumbled the biggest container of his life. Now helium volition beryllium watching astatine home, paying maine sixty dollars alternatively of getting paid millions of dollars to combat me."

Paul besides mentioned that helium had antecedently fought with a breached chemoreceptor and portion battling illness.

"Get the f--k implicit it, this is boxing. It's official. He was scared. I deliberation the unit got to him, the s--t speech got to him. That's the atrocious quality guys."

Fury, 22, is 7-0 arsenic a nonrecreational boxer portion Paul is 4-0.

"I americium perfectly heartbroken that I person been forced to retreat from my combat with Jake Paul owed to a bacterial thorax corruption and a breached rib," Fury said successful a statement.

"The opening of my campy was going truthful incredibly and I ne'er expected thing to travel successful my mode from a triumph connected December 18th."

Fury said helium is inactive hoping to combat Paul successful the future.

Jake Paul had immoderate brutal words for Tommy Fury aft the second withdrew from their fight. (Getty)

"I can't explicit however disappointed I americium and I truly bash anticipation we tin get this combat rescheduled successful the caller year. I privation this combat to inactive hap much than anything," helium said.

"I'm present regretfully putting my absorption connected betterment and a further reschedule date."

He volition beryllium replaced connected the paper by erstwhile UFC prima Tyron Woodley, who volition measurement successful connected abbreviated announcement for a re-match against Paul.

When the brace archetypal fought successful August, Paul took the triumph via divided determination - although galore believed the judge's scorecards made the combat look person than it was.

Woodley volition beryllium paid $500,000 for his troubles, with Paul pledging an further fractional a cardinal to his hostile if helium secures a stoppage.

"Contractually helium is getting an other $500,000 if helium knocks maine out," Paul said.

The paper volition besides diagnostic boxing debuts for erstwhile NBA prima Deron Williams and NFL moving backmost Frank Gore, who volition combat each other.

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