Feuding stars collide in Formula 1 title chaos

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The satellite title conflict betwixt Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has turned ugly, aft Hamilton took retired a arguable Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Verstappen finished 2nd successful scenes marred by a collision connected thigh 36, arsenic the drivers drew level connected 369.5 points up of adjacent weekend's last contention of the season.

Verstappen was penalised 5 seconds during the contention aft an incidental wherever helium was accused of brake investigating Hamilton, the Mercedes moving into the backmost of the Red Bull.

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That came astir arsenic the effect of play betwixt the brace astatine crook one, wherever Hamilton attempted to walk Verstappen, lone for some cars to permission the track.

"This feline is f---ing crazy," Hamilton said connected the radio.

The Dutchman was past ordered by contention power to cede the presumption to Hamilton, but successful what appeared to beryllium a mix-up Hamilton drove into the backmost of the slowing Red Bull.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton collide during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. (Getty)

"I didn't rather recognize wherefore each of a abrupt helium deed the brakes beauteous heavily," Hamilton said.

"I ran into the backmost of him, and past helium moved on. I didn't recognize what was going on."

"There's aggressive, determined, feisty racing, and past there's what we saw this evening, which was excessively much," ex-Formula 1 operator Martin Brundle said successful commentary.

Valtteri Bottas finished third, up of Esteban Ocon and Daniel Ricciardo.

Earlier, Verstappen appeared to drawback a fortunate break, erstwhile the contention was red-flagged pursuing a clang by Mick Schumacher.

Mercedes had already pitted Hamilton retired of the lead, portion Verstappen was past talented a escaped tyre alteration nether red-flag regulations.

It meant Verstappen was successful beforehand astatine the re-start, but Hamilton made the amended getaway, with the Red Bull operator lone capable to reclaim the pb by driving disconnected track.

"He's chopped crossed the full kerb and re-passed maine down the achromatic line," Hamilton fumed connected the radio.

Verstappen was past ordered to manus the spot back, which helium did during a 2nd red-flag period, aft a fig of cars collided astatine the restart.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his win. (Getty)

But erstwhile again the Red Bull made the amended getaway, Hamilton tangling with Ocon arsenic Verstappen regained the lead.

Hamilton yet got a tally connected the Red Bull into crook one, and the fallout from the play volition scope acold and wide.

The title volition beryllium decided astatine adjacent weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with Hamilton searching for a grounds eighth rubric arsenic Verstappen aims for his first.

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