'F9' adds John Cena, but 'The Fast Saga' feels like it's just spinning its wheels

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(CNN)Marking the ninth movie successful 20 years, "F9: The Fast Saga" finally speeds into theaters, with its bloated mayhem serving arsenic an invitation to instrumentality to -- mindless fun! Come stock with others! Even allowing for the goofy quality of the franchise, the latest variation tries excessively hard to up the ante, which won't halt Universal from revving up "F:X" (or immoderate arsenic clever title) arsenic soon arsenic possible.

The inevitable situation of these movies involves providing the adrenaline unreserved that audiences seek, portion adding a fewer caller accessories to supply points of differentiation from erstwhile installments. Plus, with 2 decades of skid marks and explosions successful the rear-view mirror, there's plentifulness of country for callbacks to past adventures, adjacent if that means Helen Mirren and Charlize Theron dropping successful conscionable agelong capable to cod a check.

The large wrinkle successful "F9" involves exploring the past of Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel), revealing an estranged brother, Jakob, who has intelligibly spent arsenic overmuch clip successful the value room. He's played by John Cena, and to accidental there's a sibling rivalry doesn't travel adjacent to covering things, arsenic they prosecute a instrumentality with world-threatening consequences connected parallel tracks.

    There is an operatic prime to those scenes, which stumble from "epic" astir to the constituent of self-parody. Sure, these are pugnacious dudes (mostly) who laughter astatine death, but erstwhile the philharmonic cues displacement to sentimental and Dom starts waxing poetic astir family, the "Fast Saga" tin clasp its ain with the Hallmark Channel.

      Vin Diesel and John Cena quadrate  disconnected  successful  'F9: The Fast Saga (Giles Keyte/Universal).

      Of course, that's not the main attraction, but alternatively the escalating chases and enactment sequences, arsenic meticulously constructed by director/co-writer Justin Lin, taking the instrumentality of his 4th "Fast & Furious" film.

      To its credit, the movie has a spot of amusive with its ain history, including Tej (Ludacris) and Roman (Tyrese Gibson) joking astir their earlier run-in with a submarine. But past the filmmakers springiness that infinitesimal tally for its wealth successful presumption of sheer ridiculousness, arsenic the enactment soars precocious supra the waves alternatively of beneath them.

      The existent destiny of the "Furious" films astatine this constituent appears to beryllium 1 of diminishing returns, with "F9's" archetypal large series -- a breakneck pursuit and conflict done jungle terrain -- providing thrills with its sheer gravity-defying absurdity, an effect that dwindles with each successive bid of stunts, arsenic Dom and institution crisscross the globe.

      The movie has already opened extracurricular the US -- earning adjacent to $300 million, much of that from China (despite Cena's public-relations headache regarding to Taiwan portion promoting its release) -- reinforcing the franchise's presumption arsenic a planetary moneymaking machine. Even so, the anticipation is intelligibly that this benignant of made-for-Imax attraction volition supply a important spark arsenic US audiences gingerly brave returning to theaters.

        Seen that way, "F9" goes the other mile successful trying to beryllium worthy the wealth and present a communal experience. After a twelvemonth wherever radical could intermission and rewind to drawback missed dialogue, this is 1 of those movies wherever missed lines don't matter, and the lone absorption this conveyance goes is forward, adjacent erstwhile it's conscionable spinning its wheels.

        "F9: The Fast Saga" premieres June 25 successful the US. It's rated PG-13.

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