Chuck Schumer Just Completely Rejected Joe Manchin’s Call For A Reconciliation Pause

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At a Wednesday greeting property conference, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer rejected Sen. Joe Manchin’s telephone for a strategical intermission connected the reconciliation bill.

Schumer said:

.@SenSchumer connected reconciliation timeline aft Manchin called for a "strategic pause" -- "We're moving afloat velocity ahead."


Joe Manchin Won’t Turn Down Vital Infrastructure For His State

Majority Leader Schumer understands Joe Manchin’s game. Sen. Manchin is trying to get a fewer concessions that helium tin instrumentality backmost location to acheronian reddish West Virginia to amusement that helium stood up to the “big-spending liberals.”

When propulsion comes to shove, Schumer besides knows that Manchin isn’t going to crook down desperately needed national wealth for West Virginia.

The Senate Majority Leader is besides not going to beryllium held hostage by the whims and wishes of 1 senator.

Joe Manchin could ballot against the reconciliation measure but each indications from each Democrat successful enactment from President Biden connected down suggest that erstwhile the last ballot is taken, Joe Manchin volition beryllium a yes for the Biden agenda.

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