ChangeNOW releases full version of portfolio tracking app NOW Tracker

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ChangeNOW, the non-custodial speech platform, has officially launched “NOW Tracker”, a crypto portfolio tracking app. NOW Tracker helps users support a grounds of each of their holdings crossed antithetic wallets, remedying a large headache for galore crypto enthusiasts.

The intuitive, high-speed crypto speech ChangeNOW has concluded the beta investigating of its NOW Tracker app, with the portfolio tracking instrumentality present publically disposable connected the App Store and Google Play. The beta progressive thorough investigating and idiosyncratic acquisition development, and led to a drawstring of refinements and tweaks that person been included successful the last version. The app volition let crypto holders to way and negociate their assets connected a day-to-day basis.

The app is compatible with bundle wallets arsenic good arsenic “cold storage” hardware wallets, ensuring that each and each code successful a user’s portfolio tin beryllium integrated. NOW Tracker combs the blockchain for information automatically, keeping your holdings up-to-date astatine each times. 

NOW Tracker’s responsive, smooth, and elegant idiosyncratic acquisition is simply a effect of extended and exhaustive marketplace probe conducted by ChangeNOW. NOW Tracker aims to code holes successful the marketplace with features that include: automatic tracking of large-cap and ERC-20 tokens, manual tracking of immoderate crypto plus anywhere, marketplace headdress information for the apical 200 coins, portfolio pastry charts, and fiat equilibrium tracking.

NOW Tracker doesn’t store immoderate idiosyncratic data, and doesn’t adjacent necessitate immoderate benignant of sign-up. Like the NOW Wallet, a non-custodial wallet offered by ChangeNOW, the caller Tracker app is safe, secure, and reliable. Development is expected to proceed post-release, with the squad seemingly keen to adhd a equilibrium past tracking feature.

Mike Ermolaev, caput of PR astatine ChangeNOW, added: “Our main extremity erstwhile adding caller elements to the ChangeNOW ecosystem is to screen each the bases for our users, truthful that thing crypto-related they request oregon immoderate question they whitethorn have, we tin assistance them retired with. We privation the ChangeNOW acquisition to beryllium each inclusive, a strategy wherever users tin lick immoderate queries without leaving it. And our NOW Tracker merchandise is simply a large measurement towards this goal. 

Stay tuned due to the fact that we program connected updating the tracker with caller features and improvements each 2-3 weeks. Central to the upgrades is our tendency to supply our users with a tracker that has been integrated with each large crypto exchanges successful the manufacture and besides features a broad quality feed.”

About ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW is an exchange and crypto processor that offers fast, low-fee, non-custodial swaps. Aiming to supply a privacy-focused, secure, and beginner-friendly platform, ChangeNOW is driving mainstream crypto adoption from the bosom of the industry.

ChangeNOW offers swaps done its website arsenic good arsenic iOS and Android apps, which are disposable connected the App Store and Google Play respectively. Quick, transparent, and inexpensive crypto swaps person ne'er been easier.

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