Broken AFL club's saviour lands new deal

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Adelaide manager Matthew Nicks has been rewarded for his promising commencement to beingness astatine the Crows, earning a two-year declaration extension.

The erstwhile Port Adelaide and Greater Western Sydney adjunct is present locked successful with Adelaide until the extremity of 2024 – testament to the awesome occupation he's done astatine the Crows since taking connected a colossal task.

When Nicks arrived astatine the Crows aft the 2019 season, the erstwhile 175-game Swan took implicit astatine a nine that had finished 12th and 11th successful 2018 and 2019 respectively, aft losing the 2017 expansive final.

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Matthew Nicks has re-signed with the Adelaide Crows. (Getty)

The Crows besides mislaid six players during the 2019 off-season, galore of them cardinal personnel, with Eddie Betts, Sam Jacobs, Josh Jenkins, Hugh Greenwood, Cam Ellis-Yolmen and Alex Keath each departing. In return, the nine received conscionable young Port Adelaide forward-ruck Billy Frampton and a smattering of draught picks.

And portion Adelaide were dealt the woody spoon successful a three-win play successful 2020, they finished 15th successful a seven-win run successful 2021, making advancement connected their rebuild and astonishing galore experts.

Nicks besides blooded 18 players successful the AFL implicit his archetypal 2 seasons astatine the Crows, including rising stars Fischer McAsey, Riley Thilthorpe, Harry Schoenberg, James Rowe and Luke Pedlar.

"The full nine is heading successful the close absorption and it stems from a willingness to enactment hard," Nicks said.

"We person brought unneurotic the close people, from coaches done to high-performance, aesculapian and payment staff, to make an situation wherever our players tin scope their potential.

Matthew Nicks is present contracted to the Adelaide Crows until the extremity of 2024. (Getty)

"Last play we showed glimpses of what we would similar to nutrient consistently successful the future, and connected the full we saw a young radical make and marque immoderate crushed connected wherever we're trying to get to.

"There was on-field maturation from each subordinate and the caller guys we've brought successful implicit the past fewer weeks are going to marque america better.

"The players person travel backmost to grooming successful fantastic condition. They've enactment their heads down and gone to enactment successful their break, which gives the coaching radical and myself large optimism for the future."

Adelaide main enforcement Tim Silvers had precocious praise for Nicks.

"There is genuine buy-in from the players, coaches and unit to the relationships and standards that Matt is driving," Silvers said.

"His enactment benignant is precisely what we need when you see the improvement of our playing group, and helium is forging a civilization underpinned by radical having a selfless approach."

The Crows volition unfastened their 2022 run successful a clash with Fremantle astatine Adelaide Oval connected March 20.

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