Bol claims revenge victory after Olympics

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Aussie way prima Peter Bol has backed up his breakthrough show astatine the Tokyo Olympics with a sensational result.

Bol won the 2021 Memoriał Wiesława Maniaka 800m lawsuit successful Szczecin, Poland overnight, clocking a clip of 1:45.49.

He besides won the contention up of Patryk Dobek, who bushed Bol for bronze successful Tokyo.

"Decided to enactment bare station Tokyo. Win successful Poland tonight," Bol tweeted, showing disconnected his trophy successful a photograph.

Bol lone narrowly missed retired connected an Olympic medal successful Tokyo, finishing 4th in the men's 800m final aft mounting a caller idiosyncratic champion of 1:44.11 successful the semi-finals.

It was the archetypal clip an Australian had made an Olympic 800m last since 1968 and his fourth-place decorativeness was the champion by an Australian antheral way runner since Darren Clark's 4th successful the 400m successful 1988.

Bol's electrical show successful the Tokyo last had the full federation connected its feet arsenic helium led for overmuch of the contention until helium was pipped successful the past 100 metres.

"I deliberation I mislaid my voice," Bol's member Izeldin told Nine's Today amusement aft the final.

"I was hoping for gold. For the remainder of the family, my mum said she already won golden erstwhile helium went to Tokyo, my dada too."

"It was astonishing to spot him travel fourth," Bol's relative Abra added. "Fourth is the caller archetypal for us, truthful we're happy."

Bol and his household fled Sudan erstwhile helium was conscionable 4 years aged and moved to Queensland earlier settling successful WA wherever a teacher spotted his moving endowment arsenic a teenager.

Bol was astatine the Rio Olympics successful 2016 but finished sixth successful his heat, with Tokyo a immense improvement, signalling his emergence successful athletics.

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