Biden, Obama and Other Leaders React to Bob Dole's Death

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Politics|‘A War Hero and Patriot’: Leaders React to the Death of Bob Dole

Former presidents and governmental leaders recalled Mr. Dole’s dignity, consciousness of wit and beingness committedness to nationalist service.

Bob Dole announcing his resignation from the U.S. Senate successful  1996, erstwhile   helium  was the Republican nominee for president. He died connected  Sunday astatine  98.
Credit...Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

Christopher Mele

Dec. 5, 2021, 4:04 p.m. ET

Leaders from crossed the governmental spectrum offered tributes to Bob Dole, the erstwhile Senate bulk person and Republican statesmanlike nominee who died connected Sunday, hailing him arsenic a warfare leader and statesman who dedicated his beingness to nationalist service.

“Bob Dole was a antheral to beryllium admired by Americans,” President Biden said connected Twitter. “He had an unerring consciousness of integrity and honor.”

The president cited Mr. Dole’s “legacy of decency, dignity, bully humor, and patriotism.”

Vice President Kamala Harris called Mr. Dole “a warfare leader and patriot.”

Senator Mitch McConnell, the Kentucky Republican and number leader, said successful a statement that Mr. Dole’s “lifetime of work was rooted successful a elemental mission: looking retired for his neighbors.”

That way started with serving customers astatine a soda fountain successful Russell, Kan., and continued done his work successful the Army’s 10th Mountain Division during World War II, and it was capped disconnected by astir 30 years successful the Senate and much than a decennary arsenic the Republican leader, helium said.

“His Dust Bowl roots fueled a peculiar committedness to susceptible Americans, and definite enough, Bob’s enactment connected nutrient security, veterans’ issues, and the rights of disabled Americans person continued to person an particularly lasting impact,” Mr. McConnell said.

Mike Pence, the erstwhile Republican vice president successful the Trump administration, said Mr. Dole “lived an bonzer beingness of work to America.”


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Former President Barack Obama said connected Twitter that Mr. Dole’s governmental enactment and demeanor harked “back to a time erstwhile members of the Greatest Generation abided by a definite code, putting state implicit party.”

Former President George W. Bush said of Mr. Dole successful a statement: “This bully antheral represented the finest of American values.”

“I volition ever retrieve Bob’s salute to my precocious dad astatine the Capitol,” Mr. Bush added, referring to his father, erstwhile President George H.W. Bush, who died successful 2018, “and present we Bushes salute Bob and springiness acknowledgment for his beingness of principled service.”


Credit...Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

Former President Bill Clinton, Mr. Dole’s hostile successful the 1996 statesmanlike contest, said connected Twitter that Mr. Dole dedicated his beingness to serving the American people, “from his heroism successful World War II to the 35 years helium spent successful Congress.”

“After each helium gave successful the war,” Mr. Clinton added, “he didn’t person to springiness more. But helium did. His illustration should animate radical contiguous and for generations to come.”

Al Franken, the Democratic erstwhile U.S. legislator and drama writer, said of Mr. Dole: “He was a warfare hero, 1 of the large senators, a beauteous man, and … well, I’m yet the funniest erstwhile US senator. I’ll miss this REALLY comic man.”

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