aelf (ELF) price surges amid upcoming Metaverse Hackathon Top of OASIS

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In the past 24 hours, aelf (ELF) has surged by much than 44% to commercialized astatine $0.5258, marking a 2nd consecutive time connected the Bull Run.

It is presently ranked astatine presumption 184 by CoinMarketCap with a marketplace headdress of $285,964,366.

Let america analyse wherefore ELF is rallying portion different altcoins consciousness the vigor of the caller bears. Read connected to find retired the origin of this bullish trend.

What is aelf (ELF)?

aelf is simply a decentralized blockchain web with the astir precocious and unafraid blockchain unreality computing infrastructure.

ELF is the autochthonal token of the aelf web and it is utilized some arsenic a inferior token and a governance token wrong the network.

aelf has nodes connected its mainnet which are independent, with unlimited scalability and outstanding performance. It is besides a next-generation with a crypto Oracle which allows two-way connection betwixt 2 nationalist chains with businesslike cross-chain transfer

Additionally, aelf has a diversified DeFi protocol which allows a assortment of applications similar NFTs, automatic marketplace makers, and Lending.

Why EFL terms is rising?

Cryptocurrency markets started the week connected a bullish trajectory with aelf (EFL) coin being 1 of the biggest gainers.

ELF terms surged aft aelf announced that FBG Capital and aelfie were the elected projects successful their 2nd circular of nationalist node elections arsenic accumulation nodes for artifact accumulation and validation of transactions connected the aelf mainnet.

FBG is an industrial-lending integer plus absorption institution with the largest liquidity providers for high-profile crypto exchanges to enactment hundreds of blockchains projects worldwide. Aelfie, connected the different hand, is simply a radical of aelf lovers that acceptable up nodes for everyone.

FBG and aelfie were some founded successful 2017 and 2018 respectively.

On December 2, ELF staking was officially launched connected Huobi allowing Users to person up to 15% APY for staking their ELF. The caller terms enactment reflects the inclination of the aelf ecosystem

Moreover, aelf is besides preparing to tackle the metaverse Top of OASIS which is scheduled successful mid-December 2021, however, pre-registration for caller participants was closed connected December 1st.

Top of OASIS (hackathon) wants to facilitate gathering the Metaverse projects connected its level to accelerate the maturation of the aelf ecosystem arsenic the Metaverse hype is dominating the crypto markets.

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