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President Donald Trump supporters rally in Charlotte to protest election results

 CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Some President Donald Trump supporters rallied in Charlotte on Sunday to protest the election results.

It’s the first time the Trump Train has been to Charlotte.

The caravan rode around Marshall Park several times, honking horns and displaying American flags and giant Trump flags. At one point, the caravan stopped along North Tryon Street across the road.

The protesters are calling into question the presidential election results and calling into question the media’s coverage of that issue. They believe the coverage has been one-sided.

“We really felt like a lot of the news channels were not covering our efforts in South and North Carolina. Trump may not know he has supporters, and election integrity is of the utmost importance,” organizer Jennifer Brecheisen said.

Many of the protesters said a lot of bystanders flashed obscene gestures their way, but they said it was worth it to get their message out.

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