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Seeking relief from coronavirus stress, Charlotte finds sanctuary in this park

CHARLOTTE, N.C.  - If ever Charlotte News Updates needed a relief valve for its citizenry, it was this past week. And in a 98-acre spot in the center of the city, thousands found one at Freedom Park.
At a time where every aspect of life in Charlotte has changed due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, being outside — in any natural setting — was a good reminder that some things stay constant. The coming of spring. Fresh air and sunshine.

Coronavirus Find in Charlotte sanctuary in this park

while public congregating in close proximity is out in Charlotte News and across the nation, experts say enjoying city parks — while keeping safe distances from strangers — is good, even healthy.
Retired educator Fred Norchi, 69, cast his fishing line into the lake Friday like he always does, but he did so with a different mindset. Charlotte Political News
“It puts things in perspective — one day at a time, one smile at a time,” Norchi said. “What’s interesting is, I don’t think I’ve heard about murders or killings lately.
“Maybe people are just getting down to the nature a little bit,” he said, checking his line. “Everyone seems to be in a good spirit here.”
He’d barely gotten those words out, when up walked a stranger in an oxford shirt and jeans, who called out to Norchi: “My girlfriend just called me, she said she found some toilet paper. Charlotte Business News Such exchanges between strangers, while brief, are even more treasured these days.
Freedom Park’s grassy hills were heavily populated Friday, but with enough space between bodies to respect the six-feet-apart guidelines.
Groups did yoga together. Men and women sprayed each other with sunscreen, the wind carrying it away before it could hit their bodies. Charlotte Press Release Distribution Service

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